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profileIf you have stumbled across this page its probably because you were looking for something to do with Arabic calligraphy and I hope you won’t be disappointed!

I am a graphic designer by profession and Arabic calligraphy has long been my hobby, passion and pastime. Its incredibly therapeutic once you master the basics! Over the years I have had the chance to sit with some talented calligraphers as well as study the works of past masters. Now I often find myself combining my skills and experience for businesses, art lovers and enthusiasts by creating original works myself. I especially like the challenge of writing in scripts which are no longer formally taught or practised.

On this site, I hope to showcase some of my works and inspire you too. Please respect my craft by sharing but not using for commercial use.

If you are looking for some customised calligraphy, simply pick a style and let me know. I’ll provide a quote within a day or two. No freebies unfortunately, except when I’m in a good mood and I pick a subscriber randomly.

I’ll blog once in a while on the subject of Arabic calligraphy, its numerous styles, uses, etc. and even constructively critique my own work or that of other calligraphers out there.

You’ll also find Arabic calligraphy tools and supplies should you wish to dabble in it yourself.

I would appreciate your support (see my prints for sale!) and comments/feedback. And yes, I do teach Arabic calligraphy. Should you wish to learn, then get in touch.

Happy browsing and don’t forget to subscribe below!



Azhar Majothi